Terms & Conditions

Here you’ll find further details about the legal side of using our products.


By powering and using iZap Zapper Ultimate you (or anyone who uses it) agree that you fully understand how it works, and take all responsibility related to iZap zapper device and it use/misuses. You understand that device is not medically certified and thus can not be approved for use with medical purposes or stated to be a medical device. You also agree that you will have no complaints or claims to the seller of this device as well as to manufacture for any reason or consequences except the warranty.

If you do not agree with these statements – please do not power the zapper and proceed to returning procedures given on http://i-zap.co.uk during 3 days after receiving the iZap.


Pricing Policy

All prices shown on this website are exclusive of United Kingdom VAT. Appropriate tax will be added on to the end transaction at the current going tax rate.


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